Filming on Essex Highways

To ensure the safety of crew members and minimise disruption to road users, residents and businesses, advance notice and documentation is required before filming on Essex highways.

If you are looking to film on Essex’s public highway or a public footpath for a commercial shoot including handheld shots, GVs, vox pops and links – anything that is intended for publication or broadcast – you will need permission.

We can also help you to apply for permission for all aspects of filming on highways from traffic management to temporary street furniture changes and parking dispensation.

If you are a student, please check out our student page.


You will need permission to film on a public highway. If you are unsure whether the road you are looking at is managed by Essex County Council or privately owned, you can search at FindMyStreet. 

Please note that Essex County Council requires anyone using the public highway for filming to be covered by Public Liability Insurance of at least £5,000,000 and carry a risk assessment that mitigates any danger to the public while filming in public spaces.

Parking suspensions and dispensations  

Applications for parking suspensions or dispensations will require permissions from Essex Highways. Please contact the Film Office to discuss your application.  

Suspension of pay and display bays may be granted in special circumstances such as filming. 

Apply to suspend pay and display parking bays in the north of Essex click here 

Apply to suspend pay and display parking bays in the south of Essex click here 

Apply for dispensation to park on a yellow line or need further help please contact 

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